Clean your ears safely and properly with this digital cotton swab replacement

This digital otoscope features a tiny camera and LED lights to help you remove stubborn wax more efficiently.

  • Cotton swabs can actually do more harm than good to your ears.
  • The SPADE is a completely reimagined device with raving reviews that offers a more effective way to remove earwax.
  • Get the SPADE on sale for $99.99 and clean your ears safely and efficiently.

If you use Q-tips to clean your ears, you've been doing it all wrong. Instead of pulling wax out, the tiny cotton swabs can push it deeper inside. Not to mention, if you push too hard, you can harm your ears. Stop damaging this delicate part of your body and invest in a safer option, like the SPADE Smart Ear Wax Remover, instead.

This earwax remover features a 3MPX sensor camera that can wirelessly stream a full view of the inside of your ear. The device has WiFi connectivity and can sync up the camera to your smartphone, allowing you to see what's going on.

Beyond just scoping things out, SPADE has built-in EarPicks that are designed to gently scoop out all that stubborn ear wax and with the guidance from the camera, you won't miss any spots. For extra light, there are also six inner-mounted LEDs that won't cause any discomfort or irritation.

As if all that's not impressive enough, you should know that it includes a powerful 350mAh battery, which lasts up to 60 days on a single charge. This means it's extremely portable and you'll be able to use it anywhere you go.

See the tiny digital otoscope in action:

On regular days, the SPADE Smart Ear Wax Remover is priced at $126. But you're in luck because. for a limited time, you'll only have to pay $99.99. That seems like a fair price to ensure the well-being of your ears.

Prices subject to change.

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