5 Cyber Monday deals that could change your career

The start of 2020 is a perfect time to shore up some deficiencies in your game. And in the spirit of the season, use the coupon code CMSAVE40 to get an extra 40% off.

  • Get Cyber Monday savings on three premium online learning platforms.
  • Mondly foreign language training offers a five-language package for $35.99.
  • Save an extra 40%-60% off select deals with coupon codes CMSAVE40 or CMSAVE60.

When that family member you see once a year asked about your job over the Thanksgiving weekend, did you have a moment of indecision? It might be because you aren’t happy with your current growth opportunities. Or it might be because you’re in the wrong career altogether.

The start of 2020 is a perfect time to shore up some deficiencies in your game. Right now, we’ve got five Cyber Monday deals that could set you up for big things in the new year.

StackSkills Unlimited: Lifetime Access — $35.40 w/ code CMSAVE40 (Originally $1,495)

Not sure exactly what you need to learn to spark your resume? No problem. StackSkills is an online learning hub that gives you access to more than 1,000 courses for mastering today’s most in-demand skills. Whether you’re a beginner or just want a quick brush-up, you can find training in IT, development, graphic design, finance, business, marketing and more.

Mondly: Lifetime Subscription — $35.99 w/ code CMSAVE40 (Originally $1,199.75)

Pick five languages you want to learn and Mondly’s state of the art speech recognition and cutting-edge learning techniques will help get you conversant at your pace. Using conversation-based lessons with native speakers, you’ll build confidence and grow your vocabulary organically with quick, fun lessons. And at about $7 per language, the price is hard to beat.

Treehouse Project-Based Online Learning: 1-Yr Subscription — $199 (Originally $300)

If you’ve been considering coding or web development opportunities, you can get that foundational training with Treehouse. Its library of courses, workshops, conferences and more is taught by Treehouse’s expert team and gets students ready in subjects like front-end development, Python, UI and UX design, Android app creation or even data analysis.

Virtual Training Company: Lifetime Subscription — $31.60 w/ code CMSAVE60 (Originally $2,500)

Gamers can get the inside scoop on how to build games of their own using Unity. It’s just one of the disciplines you can learn from the top-notch Virtual Training Company staff. Of course, they’ve also got training in just about everything, including over 1,000 courses with more added every week.

Readitfor.me Standard Plan Memberships — $59.99 w/ code CMSAVE40 (Originally $840)

Readitfor.me keeps you current on all the latest business, sales and professional growth best sellers. With tidy 12-minute summaries of each book’s key takeaways, you can consume all the most relevant business topics while amassing new knowledge to build your career. With this offer, you get lifetime access to the entire archive for over 90 percent off.

Prices are subject to change.

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