Want to break into copywriting? Take this course bundle to go pro.

Launch your own copywriting career with these courses.

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  • The Complete Digital Copywriting Master Class Bundle explains the art of becoming a skilled copywriter.
  • Courses offer training in how to persuade an audience and motivate action.
  • This $1,177 course package is on sale now for only $39.

Copywriting boils down to the art of persuasion. Any professional copywriter has to ask the same questions. Do I understand my audience? Do I understand their motivations? Do I understand what it will take for them to see my point of view, then take action?

Sure, anyone can write a quick sentence talking up a product or a message or a cause. But knowing what will prompt your users to make the transition from passive viewer to active participant is where true copywriters earn their paychecks.

You can learn all the elements of effective persuasion in The Complete Digital Copywriting Master Class Bundle. It's currently on sale at over 90 percent off the regular price, only $39.

The package features 8 courses aimed at shaping first-time copywriting students into skilled and knowledgeable industry pros.

The training starts with courses that break down copywriting mechanics. Copywriting 101 Essential Skills, Key to a Great Copywriting Career and The Complete Digital Marketing Management Course will help you understand the techniques that skilled copywriters use to stir up emotions and get readers to take action.

With Copywriting: How To Be A Crazy Good Copywriter, those steps are even broken down into a strategic system with its own 100-page guide so you can follow the path to mastering the art of effective copy. There is also training in the fine art of connecting on social media in the Facebook Marketing: How to Write the Perfect Post course.

Meanwhile, the second half of the coursework focuses on the equally important task of getting paid for your work. Over three different courses, you'll develop the skills and know-how to get working as a paid copywriter, either with a firm's marketing team or as your own boss operating a freelance copywriting business.

Altogether, it's more than 35 hours of expert training with coursework that would usually run almost $1,200. With this collection, the entire package is available now for only $39.

Prices are subject to change.

The Complete Digital Copywriting Master Class Bundle - $39

Get the training for $39

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