Keep your brain healthy well into old age with brain training

CogniFit's Brain Fitness Program is the training you need to stay mentally healthy as you age.

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  • Concentration, coordination, memory, perception, and reasoning tend to fade with age.
  • Exercising your brain, like exercising your body, helps enhance those cognitive domains.
  • CogniFit Brain Training uses scientifically proven tasks and games to keep your mind sharp no matter your age.

  • There are many reasons our memories are getting worse: Poor diet, lack of exercise, dependence on navigational tools, Googling information instead of memorizing it. Beyond memory, things like concentration, coordination, perception, and reasoning also tend to fade with age. But there are ways to enhance those cognitive domains, rather than sitting back and watching them diminish.

    Exercising your brain, like exercising your body can help keep your mind sharp no matter your age. And CogniFit was designed to do just that—like a personal trainer for your brain. For a limited time, a one-year subscription to this groundbreaking service is on sale for $49.99.

    CogniFit measures, trains, and monitors your cognitive skills and their relation to neurological pathologies through scientifically proven tasks and games. The app lets you personalize your training regimen as well: You choose your preferred programs. By inputting your age, CogniFit picks the best choices for you.

    Cognifit's personalized brain games help stimulate cognitive functions and improve neuroplasticity. Even better, the app can detect risk factors by assessing alterations in cognitive functioning using neuropsychological assessments. CogniFit helps you stay on track and lets you know when warning signs appear.

    Users seem to love CogniFit, rating it 4.4 out of 5 stars on the App Store and Google Play Store. Learn more about CogniFit by watching it in action:

    A one-year subscription to CogniFit Premium Brain Training is on sale for just $49.99 for a limited time — a 58% discount from the list price.

    CogniFit Premium Brain Training: 1-Yr Subscription - $49.99

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