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This tiny wearable helps you better understand your sleep health

To stay healthy and strong, make sure you're getting adequate sleep.

  • An estimated 47 million Americans do not get enough sleep every night.
  • Proper sleep is one of the most important components of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • While individuals vary, adults generally need seven to nine hours of sleep.

Sleep plays a role in your everyday health, and not getting enough sleep at night can have negative impacts on your well-being.

Still, an estimated 70 million Americans don't get enough sleep. Beyond the potential cognitive problems this creates, people who don't sleep enough experience higher levels of anxiety and depression. They also perform worse at work and are forced to take more days off.

Sleep is a fundamental aspect of optimal health. If you're not receiving enough each night, an intervention might be necessary—and no, not sleeping pills, which are known to only add an extra 11 minutes of sleep per night alongside the potential negative consequences.

GO2SLEEP was designed to educate you on your nightly sleep patterns and provide the insight needed to help you get a solid night's sleep. Just slip the lightweight device over your fingertip while you snooze. By the morning, you'll have a comprehensive sleep data report on the GO2SLEEP app on your phone. After your assessment, you'll find best practices and tips for achieving optimal sleep.

During the night, GO2SLEEP tracks your sleep stages, sleep debt, body movements, and heart rate. It even tracks your body movements and will send a vibration alert to your fingertip, helping you cut down on the potential for sleep apnea. Best yet, you'll barely notice it on your fingertip.

Purchase GO2SLEEP today for only $99 and save 23% off the list price.

Price subject to change.

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