Now is the time to learn a new language. Here's how to start.

Mondly makes it easy and fun to learn any of the app's 33 languages.

  • One of the best ways to ensure cognitive health is by new acquiring skills, such as learning a new language.
  • Learning a language may help your mind stay sharp as you age.
  • The best way to learn is to constantly practice speaking with others.

Humans are designed to learn languages. It's common knowledge that, as children, we're much more receptive to understanding new languages, but as we grow older, it becomes harder to pick up new languages. As we become acclimated to our culture's language we begin to define reality through the lens of the language we speak.

Picking up another culture's language offers many benefits. Not only does it allow you to communicate with more people and think differently about concepts and emotions, the acquisition of a language may be able to delay the onset of Alzheimer's. In short, the mental and cultural benefits are tremendous.

Mondly makes it easy and fun to learn any of the app's 33 languages. By utilizing the power of Augmented Reality, you learn another language in your home environment. The app's state-of-the-art voice recognition offers real-time feedback by professional voice actors. Only by having a native speaker follow you around could you have a better learning experience.

A lifetime subscription, featuring all 33 languages, is now on sale for $99.99—a 95% discount off of the original price. This is an incredible deal for a lifetime of learning.

Prices subject to change.

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