Good grammar is the key to effective communication—and promotions

Stop embarrassing misspellings with this handy grammar checker app.

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  • Digital communication results in numerous grammar mistakes.
  • Learning proper grammar makes you a better and more effective communicator.
  • People with fewer grammar mistakes in their online profiles achieve higher positions and receive more promotions at work.

Let's face it: the online world has made grammar take a backseat. Yet, good grammar still matters. One report found that learning better grammar helps your attentional skills, critical thinking, and intellectual aptitude. This matters, as professionals with fewer grammar mistakes in their online profiles achieve more success in the workplace.

If you're tired of confusing "your" with "you're" or "there" with "their" and "they're," the WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker Web Plan is for you. This software, which is available in 50 languages, arms you with all of the grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style correction features you'll need to be a competent communicator. Not only does it help you avoid typos, but it also helps you identify monotony in your writing, avoid improper tense changes, and correct confusing punctuation mistakes, all through the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) technologies.

The app itself has received high praise from a number of publications, including CNN and TopTenREVIEWS.

Right now you can get a five-year subscription to the WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker Web Plan for 93 percent off its list price. Secure a better writing future for just $39.99. The people you talk to and work with will thank you.

Prices subject to change.

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