Meet the ancestry test that can help you live a healthier life

Discover your ancestry and reach your health goals with actionable diet and exercise plans based on your DNA.

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  • Vitagene offers ancestry details and a full DNA analysis of your health and dietary needs.
  • Vitagene findings offer food choices, supplement recommendations and workout routines tailored specifically to you.
  • The Vitagene DNA Premium Test Kit is now $40 off, just $99.99.

Last year, MIT estimated that more than 26 million people had taken an at-home ancestry test. At the trend's current wildly popular pace, the genetic makeup of more than 100 million people could be on file by the end of 2020.

While it's fascinating to see how your DNA unlocks a host of information about your genealogical origins and family connections, that's just the frosting. The true cake in your genetic deep-dive is what your profile can tell you about your unique physiology and long-term health.

Unlike other major ancestry database companies, Vitagene not only pins down which countries your great-grandparents hailed from, but it also offers a detailed, actionable plan that can help you lead a healthier life today. Right now, you can take advantage of this deal and get a complete Vitagene premium report on your DNA health for just $99.99, a $40 saving off the regular price.

With your Vitagene kit, just swab your cheek and send in your sample and you'll get back a complete report explaining your DNA findings and the nutrition path you should follow to lead a healthier life.

In addition to the genealogy tracking other services offer, a Vitagene diet report shows how your genetics influence your diet and serves up the right food choices for you. A supplements finding unlocks the specific dosages you need to be and remain healthy. You'll also learn the workout types, frequency and intensity that'll best suit your specific DNA traits.

Customized meal plans, gluten and lactose sensitivity, interactive workout planners, strength training regimens—they're all here. In one report, Vitagene lays out your entire genetic makeup so you can start leading a healthy life, based entirely on the science of you.

While you get all that information with a Vitagene standard test kit (also available now for $79, a $20 savings), the premium kit goes a step further with a complete report on your largest bodily organ: your skin. The findings break down your genetic risk for all the most common skin conditions, from acne, eczema and dry skin to tanning, freckles and a lot more.

The Vitagene DNA Ancestry Premium Test Kit and Personal Health Plan Voucher package is usually a $139 value, but while this offer lasts, you can get the complete Vitagene report on you at almost 30 percent off, only $99.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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