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Never settle for a generic stock photo again thanks to JumpStory

This platform utilizes unique AI to help you decide what photos work best.

  • Stock photography companies emerged a century ago to help newspapers source images.
  • The internet created an increased demand for captivating imagery to accompany articles.
  • Finding images that catch a reader's eye is now one of the most important considerations of content companies, bloggers, and magazines.

Generic stock photos are so prevalent that our eyes glaze over them as if they're clickbait ads. Whereas finding imagery was once an issue, today there are billions of free and paid images to choose from. Today's challenge is discovering which photographs draw readers to your content—ideally without paying a ton of money.

Enter JumpStory, a stock photography agency featuring over 25 million non-stock-looking images, illustrations, videos, and vector icons. More than a site to source photos, JumpStory's powerful editor lets you re-size images, insert text or logos, and play with the contrast and colors.

JumpStory's AI features an orange HighJumper on certain images to inform you that certain images will perform best based on your search. This AI feature also lets you remove backgrounds with ease. As JumpStory adds over 20,000 images every day, you'll never be stuck searching for the perfect photo. Plus, you'll never have to settle for generic stock images again.

With your lifetime subscription, you'll have access to JumpStory's 25 million images, 500,000 professional videos, 500,000 illustrations, 100,000 vectors, and 50,000 icons. Soon, you'll also have 50,000 fonts and music to choose from as well.

A lifetime membership to JumpStory™ Authentic Stock Photography is on sale for just $99.99. Join today and save 95% off the listed price.

Price subject to change. This plan is only available to new users.

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JumpStory™ Authentic Stock Photography: Lifetime Membership - $99.99

Find the Perfect Images

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