Introduce your child to the world of STEM with these DIY projects

These DIY learning kits focus on topics like coding, robotics, and AI, and are on sale for as low as $41.99.

Photo by Igor Starkov on Unsplash
  • If you want your kids to learn and play at the same time, introduce them to the world of STEM and robotics.
  • Starting as young as age five, STEM projects can increase a child's overall knowledge and critical thinking skills.
  • These DIY learning kits for all ages focus on STEM topics like coding, robotics, and artificial intelligence, and are on sale for as low as $41.99.
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How tiny bioelectronic implants may someday replace pharmaceutical drugs

Scientists are using bioelectronic medicine to treat inflammatory diseases, an approach that capitalizes on the ancient "hardwiring" of the nervous system.

Credit: Adobe Stock / SetPoint Medical

Left: The vagus nerve, the body's longest cranial nerve. Right: Vagus nerve stimulation implant by SetPoint Medical.

Sponsored by Northwell Health
  • Bioelectronic medicine is an emerging field that focuses on manipulating the nervous system to treat diseases.
  • Clinical studies show that using electronic devices to stimulate the vagus nerve is effective at treating inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Although it's not yet approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, vagus nerve stimulation may also prove effective at treating other diseases like cancer, diabetes and depression.
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Become a Sam's Club member for less than $30

For a limited time, you can get a one-year Sam's Club Membership for half off, plus some other goodies.

  • A Sam's Club membership gives you exclusive deals on groceries, kitchen supplies, electronics, furniture, and more.
  • Beyond grocery deals, members also get perks at the gas pump, free flat tire repair, battery testing and wiper blade installation, early shopping hours, in-store pickup, business services, and so much more.
  • For a limited time, an annual membership is 50% off, knocking the price down to just $28.88.
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Gain unlimited access to Scopio's quality stock photography for $29

This female-founded brand made Forbes 30 Under 30 list this year for its diverse, authentic, and affordable stock photography.

  • Quality content always includes both a written and visual component.
  • Thanks to Scopio's mission to overhaul stock photography, the visual component has become a lot easier
  • For a limited time, a lifetime subscription to Scopio's enormous and diverse photo library is on sale for just $29.
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Clean your ears safely and properly with this digital cotton swab replacement

This digital otoscope features a tiny camera and LED lights to help you remove stubborn wax more efficiently.

  • Cotton swabs can actually do more harm than good to your ears.
  • The SPADE is a completely reimagined device with raving reviews that offers a more effective way to remove earwax.
  • Get the SPADE on sale for $99.99 and clean your ears safely and efficiently.
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Interested in housing and real estate? Get started for only $30

This real estate training covers property management, construction cost estimation, social housing, and much more.

Photo by Maximillian Conacher on Unsplash
  • Whether you want to make a career switch into real estate or you've been selling property for a while, it never hurts to brush up on your skills.
  • This real estate course collection covers property management, construction cost estimation, social housing, and so much more.
  • Get the training you need to become a well-rounded realtor for an affordable $29.99.
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Get 20% off a lifetime subscription to CuriosityStream

Join millions of subscribers in streaming content that boosts brain power on CuriosityStream.

  • Like the Netflix of documentaries, CuriosityStream lets you binge the world's best documentaries on an award-winning streaming platform.
  • It features immersive experiences from well-known experts such as David Attenborough, Michio Kaku, Brian Greene, and many more.
  • You can sign up for a lifetime of knowledge with CuriosityStream's HD Plan for 20% off for a limited time.
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