French Teenager Killed in Cairo. Now That's News

Cairo's famous bazaar, the labyrinth-like Khan Al Khalili, is a tourist's paradise of scarab beetle pendants, model sphinxes, and camel t-shirts. Was the bomb that exploded there today therefore a targeted xenophobic attack, or a random act of malice?

Around 9 p.m. local time, a bomb—or possibly a grenade—exploded in front of the Hussein mosque in one of the Khan's winding streets. And Egyptian police allegedly diffused another explosive device. News media sources have reported various conjectures and have mostly disagreed on the numbers and nationalities of the injured—although all agree that a French teenager has been killed.

This fact will ensure that the story will receive national attention. With the death of a foreigner, the issue enters the realm of global security, passing the threshold from "unfortunate local incident" to possible harbinger of a worldwide red alert.

While Fox News' image of a blood-smeared street may seem provocatively geared towards raising international awareness, Le Monde's image is even more grotesque: Bien sur. La victime est française.

The repercussions of a dead European in a Muslim country are very different than a dead Muslim in a European country, (or even than a dead Egyptian in Egypt). This is one American reporter in Cairo wishing for the day when a slaughtered innocent receives global attention regardless of nationality.

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