Free will or Determinism?

is it possilbe to choose what isnt already determined?

It is heavily prevelant in our culture today that people hold to beliefs that are crafted to their personal experience or is dictated by their peers. In the world today it seems that everyone can choose to belief what they want. This notion of subjective truth is all about comprimising and staying away from confrontation. But what if we would talk matters out? like Free will or Determinism?

Now choices are always made by us throughout the day, but it may not necessarily be by free will or liberal choice. There is almost always a determining factor that motivates our choices. Like if we grew up in an environment where in the neighborhood was defensive of violence, where a natural reflex is to dodge a bullet or thrown object in neighborhoods. then ten years down the road you find yourself at a park and someone toss a baseball at you, you may dodge the ball, not because you felt like it but by instinct it was a reflex.

With all that said it may be least likely to choose to do something without the outcome already being determined.

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