Fox News should they be charged for manipulation? Fined? Shut down??

That is what they are doing. They are screwing with OUR FREE MEDIA!!!

For whatever reason -- the threat of a boycott of advertisers, the general buzz about unfairness, some threatened FCC complaints, or a sense of fairness -- Fox News -- has caved and will admit Ron Paul to tonight's nationally-televised Republican presidential debate in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

The significant reversal in policy was confirmed by the state's Republican Party. Fox's banning of Paul from last Sunday's GOP debate in New Hampshire raised considerable uproar over fairness, even beyond Paul's fervent and vocal supporters. Fox refused to explain its decision and was deluged with thousands of e-mails and phone calls. Even Jay Leno was outraged and invited Paul back on his nationally-televised late-night program the night before the New Hampshire vote.

Though generally considered a very longshot candidate by independent observers, Paul placed fifth in the Iowa caucus with 10%, ahead of Rudy Giuliani at 4%. Yet Giuliani was invited to the Fox debate and Paul was excluded. In New Hampshire, Paul was polling ahead of Fred Thompson, who was invited though he was not campaigning in that state, but again Paul was excluded.

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