Focusing on War rather than Survival: Big Mistake

War not only adds to pollution problems, war also sucks away resources need to deal with the climate shift the Earth is facing.

Concentrating on continuing a constant state of war anywhere in the world is a big mistake.  The moral and political reasons are innumerable.

But Survival of the Species is a topic I've never heard addressed when the theme of war and military expansion is on the table.

With war sucking all the resources for plain civil living where is even a little chance to keep the planet and her mechanisms working in a way that will sustain human beings?

The imperative for survival can be addressed by focusing on worldwide goals of

!. Clean Water

2. Fertile Soil

3. Breathable Air

Everyone seems to be  having a hard time figuring out to find the energy or ability to make demands on leadership.

Me, too.  I'm having to take a lot better care of myself in order to handle the pressure of feeling helpless and despairing about a world I had such hopes in making wonderful when I was young.

Young or old there are ways tired people and shy people and sick people can start getting back into the skirmmish.

We can speak out with our words effecctively without name calling or anger.  Op eds in newpapers, the physical kind or on the web.  Whether you address the subject locally, nationallly or internationally opinion pages shift when editors are given evidence of the necessity.

Send your thoughts and worries to the United Nations, the WTO or World Bank; wherever you like but start making YOUR Letters, Your Demands the subject being talked about around the water coolers of institutions controlling purse strings around the world.

Elected official pay attention to hand written letters from individuals.  Your city, county, state and national leaders need your input to be able to lead properly.

Once you start getting your feet wet, you will gain confidence and strength.

We need you and your voice!

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