Weekly Pulse: DADT, Vampire Bees, and Other Health Hazards

The latest edition of the Media Consortium's Weekly Pulse features:

-An op/ed by doctor who specializes in treating STIs in a military town. Some of Dr. Kenneth Katz's military patients say they won't follow up when they ship overseas bcause they're afraid their personal medical information will be used against them under Don't Ask Don't Tell. The truth is that doctor-patient communications are exempt from DADT, but most patients don't know (or trust) the rule.

-The vampire bees of Brooklyn. They've been gorging on the run-off from a maraschino cherry factory. They overindulgent ones turn bright red and so does their honey. Sounds like an awesome mixture of high and low culture, right? Well, don't expect a Momofuku Milk Bar soft serve flavor for Red Hook maraschino honey. The stuff tastes like crap. The color is Red Dye #40 and the sweetener is corn syrup, not nectar.

-A blistering attack on the Hyde Amendment as an assault on the constitutional rights of poor women, women of color, female servicemembers, and other vulnerable populations who depend upon public programs for health care.

-And more...

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