"Think Tanked" Rolls Out

The D.C. think tank archipelago constitutes a kind of shadow government. These organizations house policy shops, lobbying and advocacy campaigns, media production, education and training programs, and much more. They even provide a sort of social safety net for the political operatives, a warm place to go while their party is out of power. The underpaid D.C. journalists I know keep tabs on which think tank serves the best free food. I hear the American Enterprise Institute puts on a delicious Middle Eastern buffet.

Despite their ubiquity and influence on every conceivable policy issue, the think tank sector itself receives relatively little media attention.

Yesterday, my friend and colleague Allen MacDuffee launched an exciting new blog called Think Tanked: The World According to Think Tanks. From the American Enterprise Institute to the World Policy Institute, Think Tanked provides original reporting and timely analysis of this often neglected component of the political ecosystem.

This is just Think Tanked's beta launch, so stay tuned for exciting developments.

Photo credit: By flickr user [Soren] distributed under Creative Commons.

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