Fiesta: My dream goes on

I have played the net games for many years, before I played the game only for amusing. Perhaps the age growth bring to the growth of person mood, now I completely has not rigid as like before I played the game to its. I liked a person seeing and thinking in not the far not near place, liked a person looking at others to brush the fiesta Gold, liked everywhere strolling the forum to read the card, may always no a reply. I only made an appraisal and thought their skills were very good, in my heart for the matter and equipment which I met for. Maybe happened many things, suddenly I wanted to give vent to the feeling of my heart. I was unable say the anticipation regarding to the game, only waited for silently, continued to remain behind to take care of things. And I can earn the fiesta money alone to be strong. I did not know when I played the game, I already have not joyfully. After having experienced some matters, only then knew that attracted me is not the game, or I could not go to earn the fiesta online gold in the game. I was always roaming about lonely. But I always hated lonely, I was afraid of lonely. This game does not need to cooperate, but I actually can not leave here. So long as some people chatted with me when I hit the monster, that feeling was really good, for me, this is a joy. I did not like asking that others are male or female, playing the game I liked merging in which, was made a member oneself. Regarding the friends of game, I always leave them by far. Because I believed that the deep friendship always is creaky. Now I detected that I have changed, perhaps forget is really one kind of happiness and as long as I meet the fiesta online money I do not give up and these friends, chatted together was really happy. We played the game together. Each time thought that I will smile without unconscious. Although my fiesta dreamland was destroyed, perhaps this is destined. Sometimes many sentiments, many fantasies face the break and vanish in consciousness, is such frail, but maintains with difficulty. Sometimes I will also go to buy fiesta Gold to let my dream go on. Now that it is a dream, I will continue to the dream of fiesta, perhaps when I wake, I will detect, originally sky really is very blue.  

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