Thomas Cleland

Assistant Professor, Cornell University

Thomas Cleland is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Cornell University. He works at the Computational Physiology Laboratory where his research focuses on how complex cognitive and perceptual phenomena can arise from, and be regulated by, cellular and neural circuit properties. Primarily focusing on the sense of smell he works on answering questions with regard to how learning, memory, expectation, and like processes shape the transformations performed on sensory inputs by relatively peripheral (i.e., experimentally accessible) cortical circuitry, and how these different transformations in turn influence behavior and subsequent learning.

He received his Ph,D. from University of California at San Diego in Neurobiology. After doing several years of post-doctoral research at Tufts University, Boston University and finally at Cornell University in 2007 he became an Assistant Professor of Psychology.

Cleland is a Big Think Delphi Fellow.