Jason Gots's Contributions
  • Margaret Atwood

      Margaret Atwood's philosofro is almost as engaging and intricately structured as her internationally acclaimed novels Cat's Eye and The Handmaid's Tale.   NEXT >>  

  • Steven Pinker

      Psychologist Steven Pinker unravels the enigmas of language and the human mind while sporting a truly luxurious philosofro.   NEXT >>  

  • Michio Kaku

      Just as he stretches the boundaries of our imaginations, Dr. Michio Kaku pushes the limits of the philosofro.   NEXT >>

  • Bedfellows in Green: Big Business and the Environment

    If managed intelligently, efforts like Mark Tercek’s with the Nature Conservancy may succeed in funding ambitious environmental projects that would otherwise remain on the drafting table, and transforming the way...

  • A U.S. Manufacturing Renaissance?

    Historian Niall Ferguson responds to a recent study suggesting that the US is on the verge of a manufacturing renaissance. He believes that major legal and economic reforms would have to take place first. 

  • Watch out Guys, We’re Dealing With Two Badasses Over Here

    Big Think seems to be involved in a lot of meme-creation these days. And two prominent examples, featuring past Big Think experts Neil deGrasse Tyson and Salman Rushdie, happen to involve the word “badass.”

  • Slow Down, You Think Too Fast.

    Nobel prize-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman, author of the new book Thinking, Fast and Slow, knows more than most about how people make decisions. And we often make them badly. As a rule, Kahneman would...

  • David Foster Wallace, English Teacher

    Oh how I wish David Foster Wallace had been my English professor. The University of Texas has recently posted the syllabus from the English 102 class he taught at Pomona College. It's immediately obvious that he...

  • Floating University
    Humans Make Language, Language Makes Us Human

    Steven Pinker is a cognitive psychologist interested in language as a window into the human mind. In this excerpt from his linguistics lecture for the Floating University, he illuminates some of the mysteries...

  • Globalization: The Middleman Takes Center Stage

    In many areas of the increasingly networked global economy the middleman is more in demand than ever.