Douglas A. Berman

Professor of Law, Ohio State University

Douglas A. Berman is the William B. Saxbe Designated Professor of Law at Ohio State University's Moritz College of Law. Berman is the founder of Sentencing Law and Policy, a blog which has been discussed in articles appearing in the Wall Street Journal, Legal Affairs magazine, Lawyers Weekly USA, Legal Times, Columbus Monthly, and in numerous other print and online publications. Berman's principal teaching and research focus is in the area of criminal law and criminal sentencing, though he also has teaching and practice experience in the fields of legislation and intellectual property. He has taught Criminal Law, Criminal Punishment and Sentencing, Criminal Procedure—Investigation, The Death Penalty, Legislation, Introduction to Intellectual Property, Second Amendment Seminar, and the Legislation Clinic.

Berman was featured in Big Think's "Month of Thinking Dangerously," contributing the dangerous idea that we should let prisoners vote.