Christopher Wildeman

Professor of Sociology, Yale University

Christopher Wildeman is an assistant professor of sociology and faculty fellow at the Center for Research on Inequalities and the Life Course (CIQLE) at Yale University. As a graduate student, his research received the Dorothy S. Thomas Award from the Population Association of America and graduate student paper awards from three sections of the American Sociological Association. From 2008-2010, he was a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholar and postdoctoral affiliate in the Population Studies Center (PSC) at the University of Michigan. His research and teaching interests revolve around the consequences of mass imprisonment for American inequality, with emphasis on families, health, and child wellbeing. Some of his current research projects consider the effects of parental incarceration on child homelessness, the consequences of mass imprisonment for population health and health inequities, and the implications of mass imprisonment for inequality among American children. These projects have been funded by the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Russell Sage Foundation, and the University of Kentucky Center for Poverty Research.

Wildeman received his Ph.D. in Sociology and Demography from Princeton University in 2008. He is a Big Think Delphi Fellow.