Online Tools That Make Writing Fun and Easy

Robert Morris explores online tools that make writing fun and easy.  

Online Tools That Make Writing Fun and Easy

According to the new Common Core State Standards, all students must devote a large portion of their time to writing an endless number of papers their professors expect by impossible deadlines. Before these standards were adopted, students had to study, do well on the exams, and write the occasional papers for English class. Nowadays, every student has to showcase their skills of argument, informative, and narrative writing for all courses they take.

Producing coherent and clear writing on any given subject is not simple, but it’s also not an impossible goal to achieve. There is a proper website and tool that can help students go through any difficulty they are facing throughout the process of writing. These are the most awesome online destinations that will make completing papers a more enjoyable activity for you:

1. Penzu

The popularity of the online journal concept is getting bigger by the day, and Penzu remains one of the best websites where users can write their own online diaries and personal journals. Students can create private accounts and share their deepest feelings, but that’s not everything this concept can be used for.

In fact, Penzy enables them to collect pieces of writing and share them publicly. A student can be very motivated by the feedback they get on the content they have shared via Penzu.


This website enables students to publish the work they create immediately. All they need to do is create a personal URL, and then insert the written work onto their personal page, enrich it with tags and images, change the theme of the page and publish a beautiful blog post in a matter of minutes.

The service is extremely fast and simple to use; it requires no setup and doesn’t store any personal information and email addresses.

3. Ninja Essays

Academic writing doesn’t have to be difficult when you have Ninja Essays on your side. This website provides essay writing help for students through all stages of their education. Whenever a student is stuck with a certain essay, they can get customized assistance that takes all their instructions and requirements into consideration.

The website has a 24/7 customer support system that’s extremely effective in answering the students’ questions.

4. Collaborize Classroom

This discussion tool is the best choice for any student who wants to get involved in group writing collaboration. When the student wants to get inspired about a writing assignment, the dynamic discussion at this website will easily set their creativity on fire. Collaborize Classroom also provides alternative perspectives that take students out of their comfort zone when it comes to academic writing.


This is a great sticky & canvas service that makes the process of brainstorming much easier for a student. The student can use the multimedia post-it canvas to organize all ideas and share them with their group members, friends, or teachers. There are few canvas designs the users can choose from, so the users can enhance their creativity by organizing their ideas in different formats.

Teachers can use this website to create groups and share canvases with their students. The projects can also be made public.

6. Storybird

This is a beautiful platform useful for all students, writers, artists, educators, and parents. It enables students to create their stories and pair them with inspiring artwork available on the website. They can share their stories publicly and get encouraged by the readers, which will inspire them to be more devoted to their writing skills.

Conclusion: Writing can be fun when you find the right tools for your needs

There is no reason to be afraid of writing essays. It’s a skill you can benefit a lot from, and even the most boring topics can be turned into fun challenges if you find the right way to approach them. The tools we listed above will boost your inspiration, creativity, writing skills, and overall grades.      

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