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Introducing Expert Exchange

Leveraging Big Think’s global expert network and community of thinkers, which rivals the world’s greatest universities, think tanks and research centers by drawing from across them, Expert Exchange can help foster critical exchange between leading voices from within your organization and key expert communities beyond it.

Expert Exchange is a strategic communications solution designed to build bridges of engagement and dialogue with external audiences through dynamic video and content solutions that help your organization share its big ideas, expertise or big questions with the greater world.

Whether your goal is to share a key cultural initiative or strength of your organization for recruiting purposes, or to foster measurable dialogue with select expert groups to advance an innovation agenda, Expert Exchange can help.

Big Think Experts


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    Dynamic, Multimedia Storytelling

    Through video, social, and whatever comes next, we can help you tell the stories behind you big ideas, engaging key external audiences and highlighting your organization’s core strengths and expertise.

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    Thought Leadership Brand Awareness

    We build expert conversations not only with your people but around your brand, integrating your corporate identity as desired and crediting your organization with leading vital online dialogues.

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    Influencer Engagement

    We help you identify the experts and influencers who can add authority, impact, and scope to your conversation. We engage them actively, incorporating their voices and sharing their perspective with their followers.

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    Distribution & Amplification

    Leveraging Big Think’s millions of savvy followers on social media and total monthly reach of over 30 million big thinkers around the world, we can amplify your message with the most intellectually engaged audience on the planet and prime your campaigns for continued success.

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    Events & Experiences

    We can design and program real-world experiences that bring the most sought-after experts into your organization and into face-to-face dialogue with your people. Our events portfolio includes an array of case studies.

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    Rich Program Analytics

    We provide projections of R.O.I. and rich ongoing reporting to ensure your goals are met throughout a campaign.

Key Audience Stats

Reach over 20 million a month across all platforms

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Example Programs

Retirement Shock : A Little Hand-Holding Goes A Long Way

Inside Employees' Minds: Navigating the New Rules of Engagement is a new series on Big Think, created in partnership with Mercer, that asks leading business leaders, academics and behavioral psychologists to help our audience understand what motivates people to work, and how to bring back a sense of meaning to the work experience

How Not to Be a Slave to Your Brain: Mindfulness for Mental Health

Big Think and the Mental Health Channel partnered on an interview series with leading mental health experts dedicated to opening discussion of anxiety, depression, and the many other psychological disorders that affect millions worldwide.

A Universe in a Nutshell — The Physics of Everything, with Michio Kaku

The Floating University was a collaboration with The Jack Parker Corporation to develop the course materials for the first ever flipped-classroom course offered at Harvard, Yale and Bard colleges. This is the fourth video in the amazing 12-part series that offers the foundations of a college education in subjects ranging from art history, to finance, to physics, to psychology — all delivered by America's leading thinkers.

Lawrence Krauss: The Flavors of Nothing (YouTube Geek Week)

YouTube and Big Think partnered as part of the first ever YouTube Geek Week, an internet celebration of the geek/nerd community.

Farsight: Beyond the Search Box

Bing and Big Think partnered to bring industry leaders in search technology together for a series of cutting edge demos, talks and lively conversations. The brain trust we assembled included Hedge Fund Manager and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, the heads of search at Google and Microsoft, Recorded Future co-founder and CEO Chris Ahlberg, journalist entrepreneur Esther Dyson, and many more.

Larry Summer's European Tour: Will the EU Survive?

Big Think was the founding media partner of The Nantucket Project, a festival of ideas held annually on Nantucket, Massachusetts. In this clip, former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers tackled the question of whether teutonic monetary virtue or monetary unity would win out if the two came to a head. Summers says he would bet on the EU staying together.

Big Think @ GESF: Your Education Questions Answered

Big Think partnered with the Global Education and Skills Forum—"The Davos of Education"—to document and amplify the ideas of its leading speakers through a video series shot on location in Dubai and distributed through Big Think's channels. Big Think also worked with GESF to produce and distribute a lives, interactive Q&A with former Pres. Bill Clinton as part of the event keynote presentation.