ethics of court vrs politics Stephen Carters speach

I have grave concerns in the current Australian system that people who desperately need help are being excluded from all hope of getting their concerns addressed.

As the parent of a child with special needs i have faced incredible difficulties getting my child provided with a quality education. When the system failed and my child was seriously distressed the school system failed to support us.

I turned ot the political system on at least three occassion in the hope that my child would be supported to get the education he is entitled to. The political system brushed us off and spat us out.We are a minority with too few votes to count and are easily ignored when we battle to get through day to day and cannot take the time to picket when our letters get ignored or returned with platitudes that have no meaning.

Were I a middle income person taking the government of my country to court would not be possible with the threat of having to pay the governments legal bill should the legal case fail. Being however a person with no money it is ironic that I can with impunity take the government to court to address the issue of education provision to my child. They cannot afterall get me to pay for a legal bill that will no doubt cost more then I could ever earn legally in my lifetime

However the case that will be presented in court will not be the full story, the issues of descrimination and the ensuing damage that were caused by the descrimination will not hold as much power and weight as other parts of the case.

For families like this law courts are the only hope of getting change happening because politics has left us behind and considers us of no worth. For us law courts are our only hope of changing society. We have tried politics, we have tried letters to the media.

 After the courts our last resort is to try and raise media scrutiny of what is actually happening.

Parhaps law courts have less impact than politics in many areas but only if you are in a demographic that arrouses the interest of the politicians.

Be one of the minority groups be it race, socio economic status, families with disabilities, Carer's or old age pensioners and sometimes the only power that will help is the law courts.

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