Etna 2001

It has been rather quiet on the volcano news front over the weekend. A couple tidbits:

- There are some new data showing the sulfur dioxide flux from Mt. Etna (Italy). The image above is an eruption of Etna from 2001 (and it makes a great wallpaper).

- I've heard very little about Chaiten lately, mostly because I don't think much has changed. The last update provided by the SERNAGEOMIN was on 5.16 (in spanish) and pretty much that is exactly what it says: the volcano continues to erupt. Apparently some USGS folks will be arriving on the scene soon as well. Most of the town of Chaiten has been destroyed (as reported before here) and there is concern for various nature preserves in Patagonia as well.

I will be out of town all week, so updates may be sporadic. I'll be giving a talk at the Smithsonian Institution (along with some other non-volcano-related activities). I'll try to update if something big pops up!