Your weekly dose of volcano news brought you by the Smithsonian Institute GVP and the USGS.

This week's highlights (not counting Sarychev Peak and Turrialba) include:
  • 13,000 foot / 4 km ash plumes from Rinjani in Indonesia. This is part of the continuing eruption there.
  • The alert level was lowered at Galeras, Colombia to "Orange" after intense eruptions last week.
  • The current lava dome at Redoubt is 1 km long, 460 m wide, and 200 m high according to the latest images from the Alaskan volcano.
  • 18,000-23,000 foot / 4.8-7.7 km ash plumes from Shiveluch in Kamchatka, along with thermal anomalies over the lava dome, suggesting new magma at the surface.
  • More ash emitted from Ubinas in Peru, reaching 26,000 feet / 7.9 km.