Chaiten in Chile erupting in May 2008 - likely the Volcanic Event of 2008.

2009 is almost over and it has been quite a busy year, volcanically speaking. This is not to say that is was anomalously volcanic - more that many of the volcanic events captured the media's attention. I'll be putting together a "Volcanic Year in Review" for 2009 and at the end I'll award the 2009 "Volcanic Event of the Year" (a Pliny?) ... but now its your turn to nominate events for the award. The event could be an eruptions, signs of an eruption, a big research article, a media debacle/success when it comes to covering volcanoes, you name it (as long as its related to volcanism, of course). Post your nominations as a comment or email them to me at email.jpg. I'll take nominees up until December 30, so get them in! If you want a refresher on all the volcanic goings-on in 2009, check out the archives of Eruptions.