Fernandina, Ecuador

Fernandina erupting in 2009.

UPDATE 4/13/09 at 12PM: The NASA Earth Observatory has posted a nice MODIS image showing the plume from the Fernandina eruption drifting out over the Pacific.

We have a few more details on the ongoing eruption at Fernandina in the Galapagos Islands. Officials from the Parque Nacional Galápagos (PNG) flew over the island (in spanish) and saw the eruption is coming from a several-kilometer-long fissure vent that flows towards the sea, dividing into multiple flows and then coalescing when it reaches the sea. There is also a lot of vapor being produced at the ocean entrance of the lava flows (not surprisingly). You can see the fissure erupting - looks like what we like to call the "curtain of fire" phase - in the first few picturs of the photo gallery at the bottom of this article. So far, the iguanas of Fernandina aren't thought to be in much danger from the eruption.

Llaima, Chile

Llaima erupting in 2009.

In Chile, Llaima continues to steam away after its intense eruption of the last few weeks. A constant glow (in spanish) was spotted at the summit of the volcano on Saturday and the lava flow from the new eruptions appears to still be active. There is still constant low-level seismic activity and gas emissions at the volcano. The pyroclastic debris is still blocking part of the vent as well. There is also some impressive video of the strombolian activity, lava flows and mudflows from the eruption.