All the volcano webcams of the world

So, I finally got this project done! We all do a lot of webcam watching here on Eruptions. A lot of the time when a new eruption occurs, the first question posted is “is there a webcam?”, so I thought I’d try to come up with a definitive list of extant volcano webcam, organized by region of the world. These webcams are a mixed of government/agency-installed webcams using for scientific purposes, private webcams posted for tourism purposes and random webcams with no other purposes than to watch the volcano. The country name is linked to the main monitoring agency (special thanks to the Volcanism Blog for helping me find many of these links).

Now, I know I missed some, especially for volcanoes that have multiple eyes trained on it like Etna, so if you notice something missing, post a comment with the link and I will update the list. Hopefully, this can stay up to date and I will try to get this added as a link on the front page of the blog. Until then, feel free to bookmark the page and use it to find the webcam of your choice.

Last updated May 24, 2011: Added webcams for various locations in Iceland and near Grímsvötn. Also added additional Sakurajima webcam.


Hawai’i (United States)  

Haleakala - info - webcam    

Kilauea - info - webcams: Pu’u O’o | Thanksgiving Eve Breakout | Halema`uma`u Crater from HVO | Halema`uma`u Crater overlook | Napau Fissure | Kamoamoa West Fissure

Mauna Keainfo - webcam 

Mauna Loa - info - webcam 

Mariana Islands (United States)

Anatahan - info - webcam 

Western/Southern Pacific

Japan - The Japanese Meteorological Agency has a page of 40+ webcams, but the names are all in Japanese - and they can't be directly linked. I will try to add a key in the near future.

Asama - info - webcams: one | two | three

Aso - info - webcams: one | two | three | four - multiple views | five

Bandai - info - one | two

Chokai - info - webcam

Daisetsu - info - webcam

Fuji - info - webcams: one | two | Shimiza port | Fujinomiya City | Lake Tanuki | Lake Saiko | Lake Kawaguchi | Mt. Mitsutoge | Fujiyoshida City | Oshino | Gotemba

Hiuchi - info - webcam

Iwate - info - webcams: one | two

Kirishima - info - webcams: one (sixth and seventh from bottom on right menu) | two | three

Myoko - info - webcam

Nikko-Shirane - info - webcam

Niseko - info - webcam

Norikura - info - webcam

Ontake - info - webcam

Rausu - info - webcam

Rishiri - info - webcams: one | two

Sakurajima - info - two webcams: one | two | three (fourth and fifth from bottom) | four

Shitoksu - info - webcam

Unzen - info - webcam

Usu - info - webcam 

Yake - info - webcams: one | two

Yotei - info - webcams: one | two

New Zealand 

Lake Taupo - info - webcam

Ngauruhoe (Tongariro) - info - webcam

Ruapehu - info - webcam 

Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe (Tongariro) - webcam

Taranaki - info - webcams: one | two

White Island - info - webcams: Crater | Coast (from Whakatane) | Crater two

Kermadec Islands (monitoring administered by GNS New Zealand)

Raoul Island  - info - webcam


Taal - info - webcam

Northern Pacific


Bezymianny - info - webcam 

Gorely - info - webcam

Kliuchevskoi - info - webcams: one | two | three

Koryaksky - info - webcams: one | two

Koryaksky and Avachinsky - info Avachinsky - webcam

Shiveluch - info - webcams: one | two  

Alaska (United States) 

AVO has a multitude of webcams – and the ability to watch multiple webcams simultaneously. 

Akutaninfo - webcam  

Augustine - info - webcams: Island | Lagoon | Low light | from Homer 

Cleveland - info - webcam

Fourpeaked - info - webcam    

Katmai - info - webcam

Pavlof - info - webcam 

Redoubt - info - webcams: Hut | DFR | Rig

Shishaldin - info - webcam 

Spurrinfo - webcams: Unocal | CKT

Ugashik-Peulik - info - webcam 

Veniaminof - info - webcam 

Indian Ocean


Anak Krakatau - info - webcam (tends to be down)

Merapi - info - webcams: one | two | three 

Sinabung - info - webcam 

Reunion Island (France)

Piton de la Fournaise - info - webcams: four different views | Piton Partage 


Azores (Portugal)

Pico - info - webcams: one | two | three


Etna - info - multiple INGV webcams | Hotel Corsaro: links to many Etna webcams

Stromboli and Vulcano - info Stromboli - info Vulcano - multiple webcams

Vesuvius - info - multiple webcams 


Puy de Dôme - info - webcam


Santorini - info - webcams: one | two (summer only)


Ararat - info - webcam

Canary Islands (Spain)

Tenerife/Teideinfo - webcams: one | two 


*Many of the Icelandic webcams hosted by require Windows Media.

You can also see webcams from all around Iceland as well.

Eyjafjallajökull - info - webcams: from Þórólfsfell | two | three

Grímsvötn - info - one (nearby glacial outlet) | two

Hekla - info - webcams: one* | two

Katla* - info - webcam 

Öræfajökull - info - webcam

Surtsey (Vestmannaeyjar) - info - webcam

Jan Mayen Island (Norway)

Beerenburg - info - webcam


Caribbean/Central America


Soufriere Hills - info - webcam (no automatic update, must refresh to see a new image)

Martinique (France) 

Pelee - info - webcam (currently down – January 2011) 

Guadeloupe (France) 

La Soufriere de Guadeloupe - info - webcam 

Costa Rica 

Arenalinfo - webcam (currently down)

Turrialba - info - webcam 


Colima - info - webcam 

Popocatépetl - info - webcam: one | two | three

El Salvador

Santa Ana / Ilamatepec - info - webcam 

South America


Galeras - info - webcam             

Huila - info - webcams: one | two

Purace - info - webcam 


Cotopaxi - info - webcam 

Tungurahua - info - webcam 


Chaiténinfo - webcams: Caldera | Camping | Aeródromo

Llaima - info - webcams: Melipeuco | Cherquenco | Curacautín | Laguna Verde | POVI (currently down)

Planchon Peteroainfo - webcam 

Osorno and Calbuco - info Osorno | info Calbuco - webcam

Villarrica - info - webcams: CVV | Llafenco | Pucon | Calafquen | POVI

North America

United States 

Yellowstone - info | YVO - webcams: Old Faithful (currently down) | Mammoth Springs | Down Basin/Old Faithful

Cascade Range / CVO 

Adamsinfo - webcam 

Baker - info - webcams: one | two | three

Crater Lakeinfo - webcam (offline until June)

Hood - info - webcams: Mt. Hood Meadows | Timberline

Rainier - info - webcams: from Paradise | from Tacoma 

Saint Helens - info - webcams: Hi Resolution | low Resolution

Shasta - info - webcam


Erebus - info | monitoring - webcams: one (down) | Scott Base

Top left: Webcam capture of activity at Costa Rica's Turrialba on January 21, 2011. Image submitted by Eruptions reader Kirby.

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