Epic Evolution

For Humankind to ponder... 

Out of the nothingness erupted a flash of existence that created a cosmic sea of chaos which began an evolutionary dance of infinite theory based upon an agglomeration of minute, but significant, matter. A centesimal globule of hydrogen and an atom of helium collided, expanding outward, spewing forth the beginnings of life with a big bang (God snapped his fingers), laying a foundation of space; a continuum of time; a creation of controversy ... the Universe.

Genesis created with passionate fury as the alpha conducted the gravitational strings and cosmic winds of an immortal symphony orchestra. Swirling gases formed nebulas of newborn stars. Millions of billions of solar systems evolved into the Milky Way galaxy. Just one galaxy in a known universe that consists of hundreds of billions of galaxies in our quadrant of the cosmos. Planets have a constant flow of birth and death as stars are born, grow old, and die, over and again, reaffirming the grand design for the ultimate plan of the unknown. Undiscovered worlds chant the unwritten word of supreme thought that paints a cosmic canvas with intense abstract forms, proving there’s a majestic force controlling all things, choreographing this brilliant, immortal, infinite ballet. Music performing at this venue creates life, sustains life, and destroys life.

We, the human race, so desire to be the center of the universe, when in reality, we’re just an insignificant particle floating aimlessly amidst a turbulent ocean of infinity. We fear what we can’t comprehend … we fear the unknown … but want what we can’t touch. Civilization desires the divine intervention of the creator to guide us, to teach, to protect us from the cosmos’ chaotic revolution of constant expansion and molecular rebirth. The universe I see is forever fruitful, bearing limitless life forms unbeknownst to this tiny entity of existence … a biological species called the human race, living on a planet, in the far reaches of the Milky Way, we call Earth.

This mortal mass has evolved and traversed through numerous phases of life to a present day fate of survival and strife in a Garden of Eden. A proverbial garden filled with massive destruction capabilities and tendencies to constantly battle a common foe ... ourselves. We roll the dice against death daily; while I’m quite sure God doesn’t roll the dice with the universal realm, though many think as such … how naive! Origin of our species travels further back in time than we rather admit.

We aren’t the superior masters of the universe … we’re inferior creatures in the scope and spectrum of the grand design. We have doubt; we have disdain; we have conflicting ideologies that perverse mortal thought. "Did God create man, or did Man create god? Does organized religion prey upon humans’ fear to promote monetary gain?" Valid questions in light of the questionable ethics of television holy rollers spending tax free church funds on self enrichment. Old time religious doctrine would have burnt me at the stake for such quandaries. But, we’re not that insecure, anymore. We aren’t the center of the universe. We aren’t alone in the cosmos.

What is creation? A fair question for one to bestow thought to. Personally, I can touch it, smell it, hear it everyday. It surrounds my very essence of being. ‘Tis the shining sun of day and the glowing moon of night. ‘Tis the starry quilt of the heavens and the clear blue blanket of sky. ‘Tis the bountiful lands and grand oceans that spread as far as the eye can see. ‘Tis an inner beauty exhibited only by a woman in the family way. ‘Tis a father teaching the game of baseball to his son. A sunset, all reddish orange and golden purple blue. Tall green grass and amber wheat fields waving on a windy day. Low riding thunderstorms and lightning flashing all around. ‘Tis high snow capped mountain peaks standing guard over lush green valleys far below. It’s living life in general, moving forward steady and free. Existing one day at a time, just letting things be. This is creation to me. 

Freewill is a cross of burden we all must bare. Since the dawn of mankind, temptation is an evil that has destroyed many cultures and civilizations. We choose our own ills; we dance to own beat. Such is the mortal flaw man and woman. We’re an enemy of one. We don’t want to be, but that’s human nature for you. Always the constant battle with the seven deadly sins. These sins dictate life...a life of constant struggle with the demons inside. It’s our genetic make...a mutation of weakness always testing our moral fiber. The human race was predestined to test the limits of freewill ... murder, war, greed, etc. But, freewill must exist; otherwise there wouldn’t be goodwill to face-off the evil of the world. Our species would be extinct. Freewill has made uniqueness our finest quality and our arch nemesis ... an evil twin. Freewill has made a race of thinkers, of doers, of achievers. If we lacked this instinct, humanity would cease. If there was no humanity, there would be no human race.

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