CrocsJust when you thought those plastic, funky Crocs couldn't possibly persist as an innovation trend fad, it looks like we could be seeing all kinds of new brand extensions over the holiday selling season. On the Logic + Emotion blog, David Armano suggests that Twitter just might be the "Crocs of the Internet":

"I've been on Twitter since February of  this year and looking back—it has become a medium I am very comfortable with.  I use it to share links, alert people in my network, provide updates, read news headlines—and yes do that conversation thing commonly known as listening and talking.  It's become a part of my daily routine—and I use it when it makes sense for me.

But Twitter isn't for everybody—I've called it the Crocs of the internet many times.  Just like Crocs, you either love it, hate it or don't see the point.  Twitter got so hot, so quickly that many of us thought it would have been replaced by now.  But it seems to keep chugging along. So the question is—do you still love it, still hate it, or simply think it's asinine?"

Anyway, it will be interesting to see what happens to both CROX and Twitter.

[image: Crocs Galore by bjk2007 on Flickr]