"The Business of Innovation" TV special

I've been glued to CNBC for the past two nights, trying to make sense of that unexplained global sell-off in the world equity markets that started in China and ended with a 416-point plunge in the Dow. Anyway, while watching Jim Cramer on "Mad Money" and the traders on "Fast Money," an advertisement from CNBC about a new series on business innovation caught my eye. Apparently, Maria Bartiromo is hosting a five-part series called The Business of Innovation starting on March 4:

The Business of innovation is a series of 5 one-hour programmes

produced by CNBC, the worldwide leader in business news, which explores

in-depth the most important topic in the business world today -

Innovation. Each program will explore a different aspect of Innovation

using CNBC's global newsgathering capabilities, well-known current and

former CEO's and innovation experts to dissect the topic and provide

guidenace for viewers seeking to innovate in their own organizations. The series is hosted by award-winning journalist Maria Bartiromo, who calls the programmes "...ground breaking in scope".

The series on business innovation sponsored by IBM looks promising. After kicking off with "Innovators and Iconoclasts," the series continues with "Revolution & Evolution," "New Tricks and Old Dogs," "People and Technology," and "Loners and Teammates."

[image: Maria Bartiromo on CNBC]

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