Mark Cuban: "The Internet is Dead and Boring"

Over at Portfolio magazine, there's a predictably controversial interview with billionaire Mark Cuban, who declares that -- at least for the next five years -- "the Internet is dead and boring":

Much like Friedrich Nietzsche, who scandalized 19th-century Europe by

declaring that "God is dead," Mark Cuban has some bad news for all the

true believers who are investing billions in the Web. "We have reached the point of diminishing returns with

today's internet. The speed of broadband to your home won't increase

much more in the next five years than it has in the last five years.

That is not enough to work as a platform for new levels of applications

that will require much, much higher levels of bandwidth."

Anyway, since being posted last week, the interview has already resulted in 192 comments. I briefly scanned the comments, and, as might be expected, most of them aren't too supportive of Mr. Cuban: "[He's] just some guy who got lucky and made way too much money too fast? I am rich, therefore I am smart..."

[image: Mark Cuban via Portfolio magazine]

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