Innovation Bloggers Virtual Forum


\nJeff De Cagna, chief strategist and founder of Principled Innovation LLC, is hosting the first-ever Innovation Bloggers Virtual Forum on April 26. The event will consist of two separate roundtable discussions with prominent innovation bloggers on the topic of business innovation. I'll be participating in the afternoon panel with Sanjay Dalal, Joyce Wycoff and Mark McGuinness. Anyway, here's a quick summary of what to expect next month:

"Innovation continues to be a top priority for leaders in all sectors\nof the global economy, yet actually making innovation happen remains a\nprofound challenge for many organizations. What’s more, the new\ndynamics of a rapidly-changing, Web-enabled global marketplace are\nshifting how we think about innovation itself.


If you would like to better understand the current state of\ninnovation thinking and practice, as well as the emerging trends that\nwill shape the future of innovation, join some of the Web's top innovation bloggers for the first-ever Innovation Bloggers Virtual Forum on April 26, 2007."


If you'd like to receive a free invite to the event, just let me know via e-mail or comment, and I can hook you up with a pass.


[image: King Arthur's Round Table]


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