35 best practices for profitability

Patty Seybold of the Outside Innovation blog points to an interesting collection of posts from Warren Jones, who has assembled a list of 35 different business best practices for driving corporate profitability. Jones refers to these business best practices as "profit forms" and includes the following definition to guide the discussion: "Profit Forms is a language of proven Business techniques. It is an attempt to provide a comprehensive guide to the actions CEO's have successfully led to make their companies more profitable."

Examples of these business Profit Forms include the Customer Solutions Profit Form; the Flawless Transactions Profit Form; the Time Profit Form; and the Switchboard Profit Form. For each one, he cites companies that provide good examples of each, as well as CEOs that have mastered one or more of them.

This is more than one of those random "Top 10" lists that pop up all over the Web -- this is some serious cogitation going on. Jones is the CIO of a major Pittsburgh law firm, and put a lot of work and effort into coming up with these Profit Forms -- if you check out the time-date stamps of the 35 blog posts, it appears that Warren published the first Profit Form (the Global Expansion Profit Form) at 16:34, and the final, 35th Profit Form at 23:00 later that evening! That's six and one-half hours of continuous blogging on a very specialized, thought-intensive subject!

[image: Takin' It to the BANK$Y]

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