ending poverty through A.I.

Even though there are different countries on different continents, in reality humans make up the country of planet earth, and it seems that it would be a good idea to eliminate poverty on a global level. Making poverty is history is a very real possibility, and it could have happened a long time ago if corporations were all dissolved and the money distributed into relevant areas of study, such as space travel and life extension.

In the nonfiction book The Science of Getting Rich, the author speaks a great deal about emerging industries and since the book was written in the 1800s during the industrialization era, emerging industries were the only current reality. In contemporary times, I have observed that just as there are emerging industries, there are industries that are WAY beyond their way out, such as newspapers and gas fueled cars. There's a reason why nobody wants to be a farmer, janitor, factory worker, or a barrista at a coffee shop. I think it's because every one inherently knows that a robot would do a better job. Since there are so many undesirable and unlucrative jobs all over the whole world, it seems like the most efficient way to eliminate these meaningless positions so all humans could live in "luxury" would be to invest money into AGI to replace human workers. Why is it that Japan keeps leading the world to a new era?

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