Embracement of the External Infinite as being All Powerful has Lead to Today

Take a look at the universe and you can interpret the illusion right in to your brain, the universe is infinitely vast so therefore that's a potentially infinite amount of space that you can conceive in your mind.  The thing about your mind is you have free will and you can change things around to your liking.

The universe is one set of the infinite, the mind is an infinite amount of sets of the infinite because of your own power to create.  Humans have displayed their power to create on this world as well, it all starts with a thought in their mind and then they can show it physically to their fellow humans by rearranging the elements in to a city or a dam or whatever.

Science only explains what has happened, which I say is great because we can all agree on something that has happened.  Science can never explain all of the possibilities that can happen though, so therefore the theories of science can unite the human race partially.  Spirituality on the other hand dwells in the individuals mind, where they can imagine anything and create anything in their mind.  This is the true infinite source of knowledge that all humans are craving.  Sure the microwave has been created through technology and science and it makes everything in our lives much easier.  It also makes us more focused on this one set of the external infinite.

Were the "western nations" greater than the natives that inhabited the lands before they came on to their soil?  They definately had more power and no one could deny that, but is it really worth it to sacrifice true happiness so you can become involved in a trade/barter system and you can just buy happiness until you get bored with it and then buy some more.

The world we live in is centered around the ego, the ego leads to individual selfishness.  With that being said only an acceptance of more possible "realities" can truly unite us all.  Now for the main question, how can we be more accepting of our other-selves?  Jesus of Nazareth told the merchants to sell everything they have and give their money to the poor, Buddha taught those same principles.  Are we trapped in the trade/barter system?  I'm pretty sure some people in this world will never do such a thing because they are so caught up in this world and their material posessions.

How do people get over themselves in this finite existance and learn to accept the big picture and treat themselves better by treating others better?  Love exponentially grows I heard, it shouldn't take long for this "heaven on earth" to take effect if the majority of people decide to embrace this idea.

Is it possible for people to drop their love for themselves as a part of the external infinite (physical realm) and universally embrace their own individual internal infinites (spiritual realm)?

I try to do as much as I can with my limited amount of finances and influence, will others join me and learn to give up their ego?  Imagine a billion Mother Theresa's in action at the same time.  All it takes is 1/6 people worldwide to do that.

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