Econ 101: The case for an 18-to-24 hour workweek, both parents working

Whether caused by labor-saving technology, mass immigration, or trade with low-wage goliaths like China, the result is the same: an oversupply of low-skilled labor in relation to demand, leading to lower wages for ordinary Americans.

The last time we faced a similar crisis, in the late 19th century, we legislated the 8 hour day and 40 hour week. I suggest we do something similar today. Indeed, it may be an essential part of any real solution: the only way ordinary workers can benefit from labor-saving technological advances.

I do not pretend that a shorter work week will solve the problems caused by mass immigration (which must simbly stop, it hurts the sending countries) or by free trade in the new global economy. The latter requires the cooperation of our European allies: an end to overseas tax havens, secret bank accounts, and shell corporations, paving the way for a graduated consumption tax and universal wage subidies. In that context only does free trade make sense.

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