Is Science Getting More Glamorous & Creating a Multi-Billion Dollar Corporation Out of Your Basement

Many people ask me if science is getting more glamorous. Well, I hope so. The world of Hollywood and the media tell us that if you are beautiful and strong then you are at the top of the pyramid where everyone else is at the bottom. But as soon as you graduate into the real world—the pyramid goes upside down. It’s only for three or four years that you have this very strange pyramid that Hollywood talks about all the time. In the real world for example, Bill Gates is the richest man in the world and runs one of the most powerful technology and software companies on the planet. He is not a football player and super handsome and dynamic with muscles. People have to realize that in the real world it’s talent, ambition, knowledge and the goal to strive forward when you are down that is what gets you ahead and at the front ranks rather than being a big football star when you are young.

I think that science is becoming a bit more glamorous because science is the engine of prosperity. Why do we have all these riches and this great standard of living with medicine, computers and technology—it’s because of science. Today, out of your garage or basement you can create a multi-billion dollar corporation. In fact, I just had dinner with one of the people who invented Skype; out of nothing more than a dream he created a billion dollar corporation will hundreds of millions of users. We are living in a time where there are tremendous opportunities for people to jump into this game where there is whole new areas, companies and revenue that you can create if you dare to challenge the status quo.

This is a great time to be alive and be able to witness how knowledge is expanding. It’s often stated that knowledge doubles every ten to twenty years or so. If you visit a college library for example, look and see how much knowledge was accumulated during the 1700s or the 1800s—not much. These days, the amount of knowledge that lines the shelves from medical, science and chemistry journals in the last 20 years could fill a library all on their own. This is also a great time for people because knowledge in itself creates wealth and prosperity. Now we have hundreds of millions of people entering the middle-class for the very first time and they are also enjoying the middle-class lifestyle for the first time.

In closing--It's important for you to realize these changes and take advantage of all of the opportunities that lay before you.

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