Dr. Kaku Attending the LIVE Panel Discussion for Transcendent Man - A Conversation About the Future and How You Can Participate

Guest Post by Michael Phillips (Web/Social Strategist for Dr. Kaku) @MyGrayMatter, ScitechFB

In late February, Dr. Kaku posted a blog entry called 'The Technological Singularity and Merging with Machines' which talked a bit about the general definitions of the term 'singularity' and how they vary across different fields.

Dr. Kaku has of course spoken and written about the singularity and merging with machines from keynote addresses and, of course, his books including his most recent best-seller, Physics of the Future. The original blog entry also spoke of the countless books being published on the singularity, the merging with machines and the ultimate goal for many individuals and organizations to ultimately implant human intelligence in machines. The post also focused on Dr. Kaku's colleague, Ray Kurzweil and the launch of his much anticipated documentary - Transcendent Man (see trailer below). 

Furthermore, the production company ultimately responsible for putting Transcendent Man on the map, Ptolemaic Productions (interview with Barry Ptolemy by Jason Silva can be viewed below), has been hard at work with partners NCM Fathom and Therapy Studios organizing a special event that will stream LIVE from Lincoln Center here in New York City on Wednesday, August 3rd at  8:00pm ET/ 7:00pm CT/ 6:00pm MT and 8:00pm PT (tape delayed) to select movie theaters and cinemas across the United States. 

Interview with Barry Ptolemy (The Man behind Transcendent Man) conducted by Jason Silva:

The event (Transcendent Man: A Conversation About the Future) will include an introduction by Ray Kurzweil presenting his vision of our future and then will immediately move into a live panel discussion about the ideas that were featured in the film. 

Dr. Kaku has recently accepted an invitation to participate in this panel discussion and will be joined by many others including The New York Times best-selling author and founder of the Chopra Foundation Deepak Chopra, Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Wozniak, Transcendent Man director Barry Ptolemy, renowned inventor Dean Kamen, and others. In addition, there will be special appearances from celebrities including Al Gore, Bill Maher, Quincy Jones, Elon Musk and Suzanne Somers.

This Special One Night Event allows you to participate in two ways. The first is to type in your zip code on the Fanthom Events / Transcendent Man Page and find the nearest location, purchase tickets and attend the LIVE event in your local movie theater/cinema. It's to my understanding that limited seats are available to the event so try and plan ahead to ensure that you are able to attend.

You can also submit your own questions to not only Dr. Kaku, but the panelists mentioned above, and have a chance for them to be answered DURING the LIVE event. Due to restrictions of using your cellular phones in movie theaters, there will be a cut-off time for submissions but there is still lots of time to submit your questions for the panel. Simply submit your questions on Facebook or Twitter by using the hashtag #TMLive. 

New Event Trailer:


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