Do we really have a representative democracy?

I've always been a strong supporter of Mr. Kucinich and I was glad to see him on this forum.  The two party system is nothing more than pseudo-reality television.  It has no greater value than does the television show Survivor or Big Brother.  Yes, we could say that these television shows have a certailn, voyeuristic entertainment value, but for making judgments regarding who should being the most powerful person on Earth, I would rather that not be relegated to infotainment. 

The the Republicrat party feeding from the corporate trough we really can't say that we have a democracy. What we have is something new.  A corporatocracy.  And there's no evidence that anyone in the Democratic or Republican parties is going to challeng that orthodoxy.  

So we need a third party...and a fourth party...and a fifth party.  We need an expanded debate in how to run our country.  We need to re-think the very social structures that brought us to this level of political stagnation.  We need a radical realignment of American Democracy. 

 As it stands, neither the Democratic nor Republican parties represent us, the common men and women, or our children.  Instead, they represent elite interests. Well, if our elected representatives do not represent us, then can we say that we have a representative democracy? Of course not.  

 And what does it take to create a representative democracy?  Political action from the bottom. Democracy is never a top down ideology.  Democracy is the result of anger and agitation from the common man, shaking their fists and demanding social justice.  

 It's time to start shaking our fists in the face of power rather than waste our time who's going to win the "reality" television game known as American Election Year. 

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