Do Religious Beliefs Cause Ignorance? + Probable Cause of Aetheism

Ignorance and ignorant are both terrible words to call somebody, but a person who is holier than thou would you call them ignorant?  From the old testament to about the 15th century (?) religion taught that the world was the center of the universe and earth revolved around it.  Science proved that wrong by first saying the sun is the center of the universe, eventually correcting itself to have the sun be the center of our solar system in an infinite plane called the universe, which has no center.

Just like Plato's Parable of the Cave (I'm not sure which Greek wrote this story) but if the masses of people are telling you something that they think is right and they are universally saying the same exact thing then that is going to be a reality in their world.  If 51% of the people on earth say our sky is green and not blue because somebody taught them that the sky is green as a child then our sky would be said in the news and in text books that it is green.  But the person who looks at the sky and sees that it is actually blue and compares it to a color chart and knows in his mind that the sky is blue with evidence then he will tell the world and the world will tell him that he is an idiot because at least 51% of people think the sky is green.

So lets take the situation of a person that goes to school in America, there is a seperation of church and state out here.  So he/she goes to school and learns the earth is 4.5 billion years old based on scientific evidence.  He/she then goes to school and learns the earth is 7,000 years old based on the bible.  Then learns more stuff like dinosaur bones were planted here by satan, and native Americans are the spawn of satan, and Kain was the first black person because of some mark he recieved and its now been passed down to make an entire race black on their whole bodies instead of one little mark.

That person must then compare science, a community of intelligent people that know they aren't perfect but try their hardest to learn what they can, and the bible and church, the bible which is a book supposed to be written by certain apostles and disciples of Jesus which we aren't sure they even wrote it it could have been anyone who wrote the perfect doctrine and word of God that contradicts itself all throughout the book, and the church which is a group of individuals throughout history that has been very aggressive towards all non-believers for calling them out on their faults.

So now that person takes all these in to account and decides to refute everything in the bible and everything the church teaches.  Making them an atheist, an anti-believer of everything based on spirituality and faith.  Of course it is sad to see a person disregard 1/3 of their mind/body/spirit being and I see some of them say some somewhat spiritual things sometimes so it's nice to see that.

Now back to the question, do you believe religious teachings cause ignorance because the people who go to church don't question a thing that their priest, father, or pope is saying and just take it for fact?  Or do you think humans are more self aware and can think for themselves while still being spiritual?

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