Do people have freewill and if not is responsibility an illusion?

So this is going to be discussion four  (1.positive arguments for atheism 2. Morality 3. Human Value).

I'm ready for some heated debate on this one since I can tell from other boards that there is division in the ranks.  But I think that our normal experience is that we have freedom of the will.  However, this is only possible from a theistic perspective since something beyond the physical is also present in the human make-up.  An atheistic perspective does not allow for freedom of the will.  Yes, I know, that there are those who have made an attempt like Hume for example, but let's debate those a little if anyone would like to offer them. 

I know some of you are consistent atheists and will defend that there is no freewill; as you do, it is important to recognize that this goes against what we experience and is a position arrived at by presuppositional reasoning (In fact, Will Provine, evolutionary biologist at Cornell who does not believe in free will, has found that an average of 90% of his students over the last several years hold to free will).  For those who want to hold to freewill within the position of naturalism, consider this as a jumping off place:

John Searle (Prof at Berkeley) - "nature consists of particles and their relations with each other, since everything can be accounted for...[by the laws of physics that apply to] those particles and their relations, there is simply no room for freedom of the will.  [There is] no evidence that there is or could be some mental energy of human freedom that can move molecules in directions that they were not otherwise going to move.  So it really does look as if everything we know about physics forces us to some form of denial of human freedom." Minds, Brains, and Science

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