Do our THOUGHTS really create our REALITY?

The recent success of the book The Secret has spread information about the Law of Attraction, a term which suggests that individuals, through the power of their thought, can manifest ANYTHING that they want.  It is quite a compelling prospect, as well as an intriguing DVD.  But is it REAL?  There are many well known individuals who attest to the Law of Attraction, both living and dead.   Skeptics, of course, have said that The Secret was just another marketing scheme that plays on the emotions of a material driven society, which seems to be an argument that holds some water.

My idea for BigThink would be a campaign to test such a "law" on a grand scale, using world peace as the focus.  If there were a critical mass of individuals focusing a loving intent to bring an awakening to humanity, the results would be an easier world to deal with.  Of course, there are many spiritual and religious organization who already pray for world peace, but this is an extremely tall order and involves the whole lot of us.  I know that it's not reasonable to get all 6 billion of us to focus on one thing at one moment in time and space, but what if the U.N. created a world holiday for peace?  It would be a start.  This PEACE MONTH could be a whole 30 days when governments of all countries commit to non-violence and instead use that months military budget to aid victims of the wars, famine, disease, and other violations of natural human rights.  Where is the love? 

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