Do not Wake up The Red Dragon, Communist China

Do Not Wake up The Red Dragon, communist CHINA.

The last US Ambassador in China before 1949 John Leighton Stuart, who had final wish, to bury his ash in his birth place Hangzhou, China. The Chinese government in Nov 2008 granted his wish. I mention this here, not because Ambassador Stuart had the deeply affection of China, he is the best person and Sino-US expert ever has the enough knowledge to understand China. In President Obama’s cabinet, Defense Secretary Robert Gates informed the Congress, US has the full military capacity to counter China. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner complained China to manipulate its currency and Secretary State, Lady Clinton stressed that we needed to open full diplomatic relationship with China. I knew China is on every Obama’s table now! However, I wonder how many his Cabinet members can understand China deeply as Ambassador Stuart did in 60 yrs ago! We lost once the Nationalist controlled China in 1949. We might lose the China again in 2009 if we do not understand China now. To my research, from the first day Mao seized China in 1949, he is typical not a Communist believer! Deng xiaoping, too. And thus the current leaders Premier Wen jiabao and President Hu jintao. Just ask the most smart and pragmatic wiseman, Lee Kwan yew of Singapore! He’ll tell you real Communism has ever exited in China in the past and today. Only Mao’s tyrannisim unraveled in China since 1949. If Communism does exist in China to day. We as Americans will be very happy. Which communist country can flourish under Karl Marx-oriented economy system? We do not afraid to-day’s China is Red China, we will be sacred China turns to the Singapore modeled China, the Central Planning Capitalistic China with the Confucius-minded Chinese people. It seems to me the present China leaders finally understand the best combination for political model in China is one party ruled, central planning Capitalism, and Confucius. Confucius provides the class harmony philosophy. The Confucius teaching of class establishment of emperior-servent, father-son, family, friend, education first, intellectuals, farmer, businessman, worker, and nation harmony has the best fit with the Capitalism. And today Chinese leader seem to believe the Singapore-modeled, Central planning Capitalism will be the best way to compete with the US – Milton Friedman-plus- Regan -deregulated capitalism. After the Tsunami economy disaster prevailed in US. I do believe the Central planning capitalism will be rooted in China for the coming years. If the Singaporean-modeled, central planning Capitalism work in Singapore, it might work well in China too. Tony Blair, the former Premier of British is right in this year

DAVOS’ speech: The free enterprise system has not failed, the financial system has failed! To improve the Western’s chaotic financial system and to re-define the global economy, Chinese and Russian leaders seem to believe that Central Planning Capitalism is a must. If China is still in Communism, we would be very happy and so not wake her up. If not, we need to take a deep look the DRAGON. Thus a new policy set toward the Central planning Capitalism China, is needed. Fully engage and not antagonize to China is the first step! *Reader want to know more what is the Singaporean modeled, central capitalism, post your question response in Bigthink., I WILL ANSWER.

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