Do Men Get a Say?

With regard to abortion, the attitude of the Supreme Court is that a woman's body is her own to do with as she chooses. Well, this seems to disregard the fact that it's the man's child as well.

I see a possible solution that has numerous possible holes in it: require paternal consent to terminate a pregnancy. This would assure the father's right to decide the fate of his own flesh and blood, and (possibly) could stimulate improvements in contraception and birth control.

Unfortunately, while I see these possible benefits to such a requirement, it may cause women to get "street" abortions, which are also unsafe, and this could also be an issue when paternity and whereabouts of the possible father are unknown. 

I have presented an idea and the holes in it. Please do not confine yourself to arguing for this idea alone if you have another idea.

Do men get a say? 

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