Divine Connection Through Scientific Inquiry

As with most of my "Ideas"  this comes in the form of a question, but it starts with a quote.

 " No matter what you look at, if you look at it closely enough you are involved in the entire universe "

-Feynman (on a series of lectures by Faraday)

So, while it may seem strange to the outside world, is it possible that when scientists enter the lab and focus so fully on "that mechanism, in this one synthetic pathway" or physicists break the entire world of moving matter down into "ideal" mathematical models that indeed, by turning their attention so fully in such specific directions that they are finding the Macrocosm through the back door of the microcosm?  

I mean if we think about it, how much of what we experience in this great wide world is mirrored in the microscopic?  Not to oversimplify, but is it not true that we can see one of the over arching themes of the living world, Dichotomy (male and female, love and hate etc.) play out in perfect poetry of the atomic model: Positive (protons) Negative (electrons) and the charge attraction that exists between the two particles.  To take the analogy farther, as with all things dichotomous, atoms too seem to ceaselessly endeavor to achieve balance, in this case through connection (valence bonding). Stop me if I am taking this analogy too far.  I'll add another though, Connection, especially of all things living.  This is not as apparent on the macrocosmic level, organisms get caught up in their individuality. But at the cellular and chemical level sameness and connection are obvious.  The example Feynman uses is that of a benzene ring formation; an organic compound called a porphyrin ring, common to plants and animals alike, that is the biochemical answer to holding a metal ion in an organic system.  This ring system is found in both the blood of animals and the chlorophyl of plants and that is only the surface of the chemical similarities that exist between living organisms.  Connection through chemistry. The sameness of all life made plain through a common chemical solutions.  

 I guess, given the above, my question becomes... With the connectedness of all things in the universe and the repetition of major themes on almost all levels of existence is it possible to know everything by knowing, deeply, what is right in front of you?          

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