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Why did Pearson's Takedown of 1.45 million edublogs stay Unnoticed for Five Days?

Today the Internet community is abuzz about a Pearson DMCA notice that took down and all of its 1.45 million+ student and teacher blogs. The odd thing is: practically none of the potential victims seems to have taken notice when it actually happened five days ago.

The takedown happened on October 10th and James Farmer of, the guys behind the multi user WordPress software that also runs, wrote an indepth article about the whole kerfuffle. To make it short and sweet: teacher shares a part of a book published by Pearson in 1974, adds questions and working guides to it, shares it on his edublog. Pearson finds it five years later, wants teacher to pay the $120 royalties, sends DMCA to the webhoster. Webhoster pulls the plug for all hosted blogs. But you should read Farmer’s entire post to get all the details.

Now, I won’t get into a rant about copyright protection, fair use and all that jazz, but this is another example of how broken the entire system is today. There is no doubt that Pearson has the legal right to collect the royalties, and there is also no question that the webhoster had the legal obligation to pull the plug but the reaction from both, Pearson and ServerBeach were way out of proportion and frankly ham handed.

As Farmer points out, why not contacting directly as the team already got a pretty straight forward and effective system of copyright protection in place? pays over $75.000 per year to ServerBeach, shouldn’t that lead to a slightly better customer care instead of sending out automated warning messages 12 hours before take down?

But to me the most interesting part of the whole story is the apparent silence of the management team and their users. Shouldn’t they have been the first to go on Twitter and start a riot?

Actually, the first reactions to this incident have just started to spread a couple of hours ago, based on posts by Ars Technica and techdirt that took Farmers post and spread the news.

If you search for “edublogs down” on Twitter and go back to October 10th you will find a mere two tweets about the incident. The first one comes from a teacher

Edublogs is down - noooooo! I've got kids working on a project.

— Christine Voigt (@clvoigt) October 10, 2012

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