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Near Field Communication adds a new Layer to Museums

You know that I am a huge fan of technology that merges the real world with enhanced information layers like QR codes and Augmented Reality. The third technology worth mentioning here is NFC, Near Field Communication and more and mobile phones from brands like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola or RIM are already capable of reading NFC chips.

NFC is even more convenient and faster than for example scanning a code or connecting via Bluetooth. All you need to do is tap your phone on the NRC chip which can be embedded in a sign beneath an object d’art in a museum, for example. The moment chip and phone are getting connected via NFC, the visitor might get an audio or video guide, a set of photos or texts related to the object.

The Museum of London is amongst the first public institutions that use this new technology to enhance the visitors’ experience.

NFC chips could also be embedded in signs outside of museums or galleries. If you visit a famous landmark you will usually find explanations in three or four languages on the signs, besides the local language and English those spoken by the biggest group of visitors. With NFC chips within those signs the explanations could be displayed on the mobile device in basically any language and there would be the possibility to offer further content like web links, photos or videos.

Of course, there is a variety of other use cases for NFC technology ranging from social networking over mobile payments to identity documents.

Foto: Museum of London

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