If You Liked the 'Bios Urn,' You'll Love 'The Spirit Tree'

In a previous post, Teddy Zareva wrote about a biodegradable urn made by the Spanish designer Martin Azua that turns you into a tree when you die. Big Think readers quickly warmed to this romantic notion of life after death in the form of "an eco solution," and the post went viral.

One big thinker, José Fernando Vázquez Pérez, tells us this urn is certainly not the only one on the market, nor the first. In Mr. Pérez's opinion, the urn his company manufactures, called The Spirit Tree, is a superior design. The Spirit Tree is a "seed-like container designed to function as a biodegradable two-piece cinerary urn that grows into a living memorial in the form of a tree." The Spirit Tree urn, Pérez told Big Think, is "much cooler" than the design of "the Spanish dude!!!" Indeed, The Spirit Tree has won a number of design awards, and was a finalist in many others as well. So we decided to let Pérez have a run for his money on this design forum, and we are putting the question out to you:

Which urn would you like to have your remains placed in? Please let us know in the comment section below.

The Bios Urn:

The Spirit Tree:


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